Love Beyond Letdown

“I told Him I love Him anyway”

These were the precious words spoken by our new friend after he had his tumor surgically removed.  This statement came in response to him needing surgery instead of the tumor being supernaturally healed by Jesus.  See, we met this incredible man, who I will call Kevin, during our last ministry trip to Switzerland.  He traveled around Switzerland to every meeting we were doing and we were filled with delight every time he would surprise us and be in the crowd! If we had gone all the way to Switzerland just for him, it would have been worth it!


Our new friend with Chris Gore (Picture used w/ permission)

What you don’t know is that Kevin had never been to a church in Switzerland his entire life until that day we first met.  During an altar call at one of the meetings, he gave his life to Jesus and was instantly a new creation. His response above came just after less than three weeks of being a Christian!

What you also don’t know is that right after he was saved, he was immediately empowered to heal the sick and saw miracles through his hands as people who had lost their ability to smell could smell again through the power of Jesus.

And yet more that you don’t know, and we didn’t know at the time, was that because the tumor was inside his nose, the doctors said that after surgery, Kevin would forever lose his ability to smell. During our last day with him, he was touched as he shared this insight with us of how God used him to heal that which he was told he would lose.

After we returned to the States, we received emails from him in which he would sign “Jesus is the best” and “My tumor was nailed to the cross”. Again, these are the words of a three week old believer and it has impacted me greatly!

This man’s heart towards Jesus was one of the purest I have seen in awhile.  How many people after just seeing healings and then not being healed themselves would respond with a heart of offense and in disappointment instead of a heart of love?  This man realized something that even people who are years in the faith are still trying to get:

“Our circumstances do not determine God’s goodness and love towards us nor our response and love towards Him.”

This man was fully new, fully alive, and fully in love with Jesus. It didn’t take him years of reading the Bible and studying theology to know the character of Jesus. Jesus is a person and He knew Him.  When he goes to church now, he is in search of a place where life reigns because Jesus is alive.  I normally don’t go off on a trail, but I feel prompted to write that if people leave a church service feeling like they just went to a funeral, then something is missing. It should be a celebration every Sunday in remembrance of what He has done and not how we have messed up. He came to make us clean! Let’s stop having funerals in honor of our dead selves (Galatians 2:20) because Jesus is alive and so now we fully are alive as well! If going to church is what qualifies you for heaven, then you’ve missed the point of the cross. None of our works can ever qualify us.  It’s His works. The price He paid. We get to be free. We get to receive His love. We get to love Him.  Love that isn’t free is called something else.

If you had a defining moment with Jesus like my friend Kevin did, I encourage you to take some time and just go back and remember what that was like. Rediscover your first love! Remember the moment when He changed it all. When His pursuit of you met your choice for more of Him. When despite your sin and shame you felt loved completely. Jesus truly is the best. He did take this man’s tumor and all of our sin and sickness upon the cross.  When Matthew 8:17 says that “He (Jesus) himself took our infirmities (sin), and bore our sicknesses it didn’t say that Jesus would fully take our sins BUT then only take some of our sicknesses.  Did Jesus free us from the law of sin (Romans 8:2)…Did he take the lashes on His body to pay for our sins? Absolutely! Do some believers still sin? Yes. Did Jesus free us from the law of death (Again Romans 8:2)…Did he have his side pierced to pay for our sickness? Absolutely! Are some people still sick? Yes. Just like we are all being renewed to understand our righteousness and identity in Christ and how we are free from a sin nature, we too are being renewed to the reality of heaven on earth in regards to healing.  Does people sinning nullify that Jesus paid for it? Not all all. So then why would people being sick nullify that Jesus’ paid for that too?  Just some food for thought…  I will be the first to say that I don’t understand this tension and why we don’t see everyone 100% healed, but I will also say that as long as I live I will not change the topic with Jesus about seeing Him get His full reward!

So, I know I went on a trail and I pray that you were encouraged, challenged, and ultimately drawn closer to the Lord.  There is so much that happened on this last trip that I could write many blogs on it.  From the beauty and symbolism of cathedrals, to honoring the first place where a Christian was martyred, to 235 miracles in one night, to a teenager whose curved spine started straightening under our hands, to a six-year-old boy born with half of a brain wanting to be held in our arms, to this boy’s parents being on their knees and in tears as they were impacted by the presence of God, and the list goes on.

These are all God’s stories! It’s such an honor to share them with you!

To hear more or to give support to help me continue this journey, please email me at Thank you so much! Love and Grace!

*Story used with “Kevin’s” permission.


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