The Splendor of Salvation

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“Though your sins are as scarlet, they will be as white as snow.” ~Isaiah 1:18

As I looked upon Mammoth Mountain, I was reminded of this verse and the beauty of salvation that’s found in Christ.  The brightness and purity of the snow covered the imperfections of the mountain and brought so much beauty, adventure, and joy! It reminds me of my own journey with Jesus!  In the morning, this verse came to mind and in the evening, the reality of it touched my heart as a homeless man gave his life to Jesus!  Here’s the story:

In the evening, the church we ministered at opens its doors to the public to have dinner before the service.  In line at dinner was a man who I will call Steve and there was just something about him where I could feel the love of Jesus towards him in a strong way.

After service, several of us ministered up front and gave prophetic and encouraging words to people in the congregation who the Lord highlighted to our hearts. Steve was one of them.  One of the words spoken was how in the spirit, we saw a picture of three boxes and heard the Lord say that there was going to be some settling in and unpacking for this man… little did we know that he was truly homeless and how much this would mean to him.  We also saw that the three boxes represented Father God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit and how God wanted to help him further unpack and understand each one of these persons of the Trinity… little did we know that Steve had been seeking other religions in addition to Christianity and didn’t have an accurate understanding of Jesus.  The compassion and love of God for him was released and he was touched. After the service, we got to talk more with him.  We found out those facts stated above and Steve acknowledged that he daily talks to Jehovah and Jesus about helping him to be a good person and have a good day, but didn’t truly know the reality of salvation.  By the end of the conversation, Steve was ready to have this salvation become his and accepted Jesus!  As much as I love and blog about healings, this is the greatest miracle of them all. The most amazing creative miracle of them all – the creation of a new person!

~~~How Steve Impacted My Heart~~~

“Jesus didn’t come to make him a good person, but to make him a new one! “

He thought life was about being a good person. The reality is that Jesus didn’t come to make him a good person, but to make him a new one! We truly have been crucified with Christ and no longer live, but Christ lives within us (Galatians 2:20). We have been made dead to sin and alive together with Christ (Ephesians 2:5).  If we become a good person by our own efforts, we will always have to maintain this standard by our own efforts.  However, the reality of Jesus is beyond full comprehension.  When Steve accepted Jesus into his heart and life, he then received a new nature and the empowerment and grace to live a victorious life in all areas! All of his inner searching and self help methods could not compare to the power that came through inviting the living God to take residence inside his heart! This is the reality! Steve got way more than just a “ticket to Heaven”, he opened the door to experiencing Heaven’s reality on Earth through Christ!

He sat in the corner but was really first place in Jesus’ heart!

Steve chose to sit away from the crowd that night, but isn’t it like Jesus to go after the heart of the one?! During ministry time, the compassion of Jesus rose up in my heart towards Steve in a way that brought tears to my eyes. It’s as if my heart wanted to scream, “YOU ARE LOVED!”  When we ask Jesus to give us more of His perspective, we see the gold in people.  Could this man have had other motives for being there? Absolutely. Other homeless people have stolen from this church before.  However, Jesus loves to highlight the greatness and love that He has for people.  He died to cover their imperfections just like the snow covered Mammoth Mountain that day.  It’s His kindness that leads to repentance and that’s exactly what happened.  We have the mind of Christ (1 Corinthians 2:16), so that means we can always access what He thinks of the people around us, His beloved creation, His most desired children!  It was the love of Christ that brought Steve to true life!

Thanks again for following me on this journey. I am impressed over and over again by the love of Jesus. He knows and loves us so much!

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